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Russian authorities will be punished for purchase of imported software

If officers in Russian authorities will buy imported (foreign) software on account of Russian state while there will be offers of Russian analogues, relevant Russian authority, buying such software, will be imposed with fine. For these purposes necessary amendments will be developed to Russian administrative code by Russian ministry of economic development and Russian ministry of communication.

Idea to replace imported software in Russia by domestic is not new. It also has been described in relevant roadmap. The main thing will be the meaning of foreign software. If for example analogue of Microsoft will be made with help of investments of Microsoft can such product be considered as Russian software?

“In each ministry there is procurement commission. There is idea to impose a fine in a case of wrong purchase. The amount of fine could be equal to certain percentage from cost of purchase made wrong under the effective rules.” – explained one of the roadmap contributors. Relevant amendments will be developed to article 7.30 of Russian administrative code (violation of procedure for purchasing of products and services to provide state and municipal needs). This article will provide responsibility for violations committed in procurement of software.

Under current Russian law it is prohibited to purchase imported software for state or municipal need if there is Russian analogue of required software registered in relevant registry. Foreign software can be purchased only if the Russian analogue does not exist or is not suitable for declared requirements.