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Day: April 14, 2017

Developers of Russian software can be obliged to disclose source code of program

Russian governmental decree prescribes to use Russian software at the expense of Russian state budget. If there is Russian analogue of foreign software the state authority must obtain Russian software product. The special register of Russian software lists all software admitted as produced in Russia.

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Russian Yandex musical streaming service is accused of copyright infringement

“Russian Google” Yandex, owning and operating musical streaming service Yandex.Music, has been accused of copyright infringement by Russian company “SO/Era Music” Ltd. Era music seeks 5.5 million roubles for copyright infringement. Era music filed suit.

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Draft proposal for a directive on copyright in DSM – online services and right holders

Online services providing access to copyright protected content uploaded by their users without the involvement of right holders have flourished and have become main sources of access to content online. This affects right holders’ possibilities to determine whether, and under which conditions, their work and other subject-matter are used as well as their possibilities to get an appropriate remuneration for it.

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