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Day: June 28, 2017

Russian senators consider idea to block foreign mass media in Russia

The Russian council of the federation considers options for blocking of broadcasting in Russia by foreign mass media, if such media have audience in Russia. How should be defined “audience” and how to count such audience is not clear and it is not clear whether it is possible to make correctly at all.

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Russian Roskomnadzor updated its recommendations on restriction of access to illegal information in Internet

Russian telecommunication operators have received updated recommendations from Russian Roskomnadzor. These recommendations provide details on restriction of access to illegal information in Internet.

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Russian Roskomnadzor very carefully monitors pirated copies of “The Putin Interviews” in Internet

Russian Roskomnadzor requested more than 100 web-sites to restrict access to illegal copies of “The Putin Interview” by Oliver Stone. The exclusive rights in “Interview” have been acquired by Russian First Channel for Russian territory.

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