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Day: July 14, 2017

Messengers, operating in Russia, can receive more freedom from Russian mobile operators

New draft law, currently considered, provides regulation for messengers like Viber or WhatsApp. In initial draft it was provided that messengers have to identify its users. Identification can be made with help of subscriber’s phone number and under agreement concluded between messenger and mobile operator. Such provision was very advantageous for mobile operators – without them messengers would not have opportunity to work in Russia.

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How new law regulates blocking of web-site mirrors in Russia?

In order to trigger the mechanism of blocking, the Russian Roskomnadzor has to receive a court order. After that, Roskomnadzor requires internet service providers (ISP) to restrict access to web-site in Internet permanently, if there was illegally placed information containing objects of copyright or information necessary to receive such objects with help of info-telecommunication networks, including Internet.

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