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Day: July 28, 2017

Russian ministry of culture proposed to “impose” private copying levy on smart watch

Russian ministry of culture (MinCult) intends to amend relevant governmental decree in order to collect private copying levy from smart watch. Amendments are already agreed in order to be proposed to government. At the same time it is also proposed to exclude digital video cameras from taxable equipment.

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Proposal for regulation on the exercise of copyright and related rights for online transmissions of broadcasting in EU – ancillary online services

The ancillary online services covered by this Regulation (official document) are those services offered by broadcasting organisations which have a clear and subordinate relationship to the broadcast. They include services giving access to television and radio programmes in a linear manner simultaneously to the broadcast and services giving access, within a defined time period after the broadcast, to television and radio programmes which have been previously broadcast by the broadcasting organisation (so-called catch-up services).

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