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Day: August 15, 2018

Russian ministry of economy disliked the rules drafted for implementation of Yarovaya law

Yarovaya law is significant burden for Russian telecommunication companies. Under this law they are obliged to keep a lot of information, including communication between their subscribers. There is the law – so called Yarovaya law, but there are no rules, implementing this law. The Russian companies are in very strange position – they have to comply with Yarovaya law, but they can’t do this – there are no rules, prescribing how to do it under the law.

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Roskomnadzor blocked innocent web-sites lawfully, the court rules

When the Russian court decided the Telegram is to blocked in Russia, the Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor proceed to restrict access to this messenger in Russia. But the messenger did not intend to give up and most Russian media space witness the battle between Roskomandzor and Telegram. Telegram changed its IP addresses and Roskomnadzor blocked millions of them. Many web-sites were blocked, just because their IP address allegedly has been used by Telegram for circumvention of blocking.

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