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Day: December 27, 2018

SWD IA on EU copyright modernisation – options to address preservation of cultural heritage


No policy intervention. Reproduction of works for preservation purposes by CHIs would continue to take place only as permitted under the different conditions and the varying space provided by the national implementation of the existing EU exception for ‘specific acts of reproduction’, or after the reproduction right has been cleared with rightholders if CHIs consider that the transaction costs involved is for them worth and possible to incur. In voluntary legal deposit contexts and for parts of scientific publications that libraries have access to remotely, preservation could continue to take place within broader agreement-based systems.

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Third edition of USA copyright office compendium – authorship in sound recording

There are two types of sound recording authorship:

  • Authorship in the performance(s); and
  • Authorship in the production of the sound recording.

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EU exit UK IP draft regulations

A substantial part of the law on copyright in the UK is derived from EU law. There are 11 EU Directives all of which have been implemented by the UK. The purpose of the Directives is to harmonise the copyright frameworks in Member States, by reducing national discrepancies and maintaining a level of protection which encourages creativity and enables consumers from across the EU to access services.

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New antipiracy memorandum for book publishers has been proposed

Recently audiovisual right holders have signed antipiracy memorandum with Russian search and IT companies like Yandex but without participation of Google. The main goal of this memo is de-indexing links to pirate web-resources without court order and elimination of all such links from search results. Russian search engines have signed this memo, but without enthusiasm. Book publishers and right holders also want to sign similar memo, because IT counterparts of memo underlined that the memo covers only audiovisual works.

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