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Day: February 1, 2019

The law providing liability for insulting of Russian authorities in internet has been adopted in first reading

The Russian government believes the draft law, providing liability for those who insult Russian authorities in internet, is to be corrected. It was proposed to make wording of some definitions more clearly in order to exclude any opportunity of misinterpretation what as consequence can entail problems in enforcement practice. The general prosecutor and Russian ministry of justice have negatively assessed the current version of draft law.

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Russian minister of culture predicts the access to internet network on the passport

The ministry of culture is famous of its legislative proposals like restriction of access to web-sites without court order. The minister is pretty sure that all anonymity will disappear from global internet and go to darknet, but underlined that it is his own opinion. But many professionals in Russia know that very often personal opinions of Russian official persons can become reality under the law.

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Russian patent service deprived 19 companies of the right to use brand under the place of origin

In Russia there is famous natural spring – Essentuki. The Russian mineral water under the brand Essentuki is produced there. Only couple manufacturers can use this brand simply because they have productions in Essentuki. They manufacture bottled water and sell it under the brand “Essentuki”. But it does not mean that other companies don’t want to use the known brand. They also produce water, despite the fact that their manufacturing located far from Essentuki.

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