Draft evaluation and review of the IPR enforcement directive – Towards an internal market for IP enforcement

Due to the lack of a European right (except for trademarks and designs), obtaining interlocutory or permanent injunctions for the same infringement against infringers or intermediaries from several jurisdictions in the EU is often cumbersome for certain IPR, in particular copyright.

Extending the scope of the geo-blocking prohibition: an economic assessment

On 25 May 2016, the European Commission presented a proposal for a regulation on addressing unjustified geo-blocking. New analytical paper illustrates the prevalence of geo-blocking in e-commerce and summarizes available relevant evidence. It also discusses the economic impact of lifting geo-blocking restrictions in online goods and copyrighted digital content services.

A copyright infringement suit can follow a “little bit” use of a program without licence

Design Data Corporation alleged that Unigate Enterprise, Inc., infringed the copyright on Design Data’s computer aided design program by downloading an unauthorized copy of the program and importing and distributing within the United States program output generated by a Chinese contractor using an unauthorized copy of the program.

Amendments to coherent EU policy for cultural and creative industries – creator’s rights and interests

The Commission is urged to establish legal provisions which create a fairer environment governing the transfer of rights and the contractual remuneration of authors and performers, to create a contract adjustment mechanism, which allows authors and performers to claim additional remuneration in case the revenues yielded out of the exploitation of the works are disproportionally…