Russian legislators proposed to forbid VPN and similar services in Russia

New draft law proposes amendments to Russian law on information, its protection and informational technologies. Explanatory note to this draft underlines that relevant Russian authorities face obstacles when forbid dissemination of illegal information under current Russian law. First of all it is impossible to oblige search engines to exclude links to forbidden information in search…

Draft evaluation and review of the IPR enforcement directive – Towards an internal market for IP enforcement

Due to the lack of a European right (except for trademarks and designs), obtaining interlocutory or permanent injunctions for the same infringement against infringers or intermediaries from several jurisdictions in the EU is often cumbersome for certain IPR, in particular copyright.

How OTT-services, operating in Russia, will count viewers for regulation purposes?

Russian Roskomnadzor proposed instructions for OTT-(audio-visual)-services explaining how to count viewers visiting web-sites of such services. This instruction has been proposed in order to implement new law on OTT-(audio-visual)-services operating in Russia. This law provides regulation for popular services with audience more than 100 thousands viewers a day.

Russian business outlined all its complaints in one “book”

In Russia it was established institute of ombudsman presenting and protecting interests of Russian business. For certain industry of business there is special representative of ombudsman, who summarizes all complaints stated by business and puts them on paper. Each year ombudsman makes report to Russian president and proposes the ways to resolve problems outlined in…