It was proposed to register traditional Russian patterns as trademarks

Russian Association uniting participants of art-industry marketplace (AURA) and National union of folk art-craft (NSHP) have proposed to Russian ministry of trade (MinTorg) to register graphical elements, typical to Russian folk craft, as trademarks. These two professional organisations along with MinTorg consider and discuss opportunity to protect traditional Russian pattern in Russian marketplace.

Draft third edition of USA copyright office compendium – Typeface and Mere Variations of Typographic Ornamentation and Mere Copies

The copyright law does not protect typeface or mere variations of typographic ornamentation or lettering. A typeface is a set of letters, numbers, or other symbolic characters with repeating design elements that are consistently applied in a notational system that is intended to be used in composing text or other combinations of characters. Typeface includes…

In order to implement agenda on Russian digital economy will be created special commission

Russian prime-minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed two governmental decrees. One decree establishes commission on digital economy. Under this decree the commission has the right to make decision by absent voting. The decision can be made by the majority of the participated votes. More than half of commission members, who have the vote, must attend the…

Russia intends to create its own system able to filter all traffic

This system should protect children from negative and dangerous content. As it is declared, a special “white list” of web-sites will be created. This system would call National System of Internet-traffic filtration. Such system is provided in state agenda “Digital economy”. Currently the two options of its realisation are considered.

Why Russian government dislikes draft law on false information in social networks?

Russian government proposed to overwrite the draft law proposing to oblige social networks, working or operating in Russian marketplace, to bear responsibility for content, or information, which users post or publish in such social networks. Social networks would be obliged to create special “administration” to handle issues with user’s content.

The new program for Russian digital economy has been adopted

This program has been developed and adopted in order to implement new Strategy of development for informational society in Russia. This program is called “Digital economy of Russian Federation”. This program has its purposes. First of all it is intended to create ecosystem of Russian digital economy, where digital data should be the key factor…