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Day: April 10, 2017

The public comment by Music Manager’s Forum on collective rights management rules review

The CMOs should have the ability alone or in association with other rights administration entities (such as the pre-existing Harry Fox agency) to bundle the performing and the mechanical right for blanket licensing to music users in a transparent manner using common unique works identifiers for the musical compositions to promote transparency and facilitate accurate data matching.

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Draft proposal for a directive on copyright in DSM – rights for publishers of news publications

A free and pluralist press is essential to ensure quality journalism and citizens’ access to information. It provides a fundamental contribution to public debate and the proper functioning of a democratic society. In the transition from print to digital, publishers of news publications are facing problems in licencing the online use of their news publications and recouping their investments. In the absence of recognition of publishers of news publications as right holders, licencing in the digital environment and online enforcement is often complex and inefficient.

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