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Day: July 13, 2017

Proposed amendments to Marrakesh EU directive

This Directive should provide for a mandatory exception to the rights that are harmonised by Union law and are relevant for the uses and works covered by the Marrakesh Treaty. Such rights include, in particular, the rights of reproduction, communication to the public, making available to the public, distribution and lending, as provided for in Directives 2001/29/EC, 2006/115/EC and 2009/24/EC, as well as the corresponding rights provided for in Directive 96/9/EC. As the scope of the exceptions or limitations required by the Marrakesh Treaty also includes works in audio form, like audiobooks, the mandatory exception provided for under this Directive should also apply to related rights.

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New draft law proposes to oblige social networks to bear responsibility in Russia for user’s content

Explanatory note to this draft law reveals its main goal – to prevent dissemination of illegal information in social networks. Note also underlines, that European countries also pay attention to regulation for social networks. Therefore, Russian legislators decided to be in trend, like foreign legislators.

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