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There is no copyright infringement in similarity caused by nature


In 1988, Eric Schechter started GAME. At the time, GAME was focused on conducting fundraising activities. The fundraising concept was for individuals to “adopt” a small toy duck and then all the ducks would “race” on a waterway, such as the Salt River Canal or in New York Harbor. The person who had adopted the duck that finished first would win “a new car or prizes,” which had been donated. The sponsoring organization would then retain all the “adoption” fees.

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Russian enforcement authorities explained what is insulting of authority

The Russian ministry of internal affairs (MIA) has drafted special paper, some king of clear explanation, describing what is insulting of state authority bodies or institutions. But the most important thing is that this paper or, if more officially, methodical recommendations, are not of obligatory nature. In other words recommendations only “recommend” and authorities can apply the new law on punishment for insulting of authorities at their own discretion.

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Impact assessment on the modernisation of EU copyright rules – rights in publications

Publishers are increasingly facing difficulties in relation to the digital exploitation of, and the enforcement of rights in, press publications such as newspapers and magazines. The changes to the way copyright-protected content is distributed and consumed in the digital environment have affected press publications in a specific way. The publishing industry is in the middle of a shift from print to digital.

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It was proposed to define what “internet crime” is

The Russian commissioner for human rights – Tatyana Moskalkova – has proposed to define in law what the internet crime is. She believes new definition would help people to avoid prosecution for repost and sharing in social networks. The relevant committee in the Russian Council Federation believes such proposal deserves attention and should be considered.

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What the Russian segment of internet would consists of?

The new Russian law on internet autonomy implies its protection, namely protection of Russian segment of internet. But what exactly includes the so called Russian segment of internet? The internet it is worldwide network. In order to connect to something or with someone you should know address. The addresses mostly are in English. Even the main Russian domain zone is in English – ru. It is not so simple task for Russian legislators to define what the Russian segment of internet should include or imply.

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Russian MinCom proposes to use VPN for all internet communications the experts believes

The Russian ministry of communication in order to implement the law on Russian internet autonomy or sovereignty has drafted new rules on protection from phishing. The experts from Russian union of manufacturers and entrepreneurs have analyzed this proposal and were shocked. According to their opinion the new rules provide mandatory shifting to VPN by all market participants. It is impractical and surreal they believe.

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Senator wants to violate privacy of correspondence the Russian state duma believes

Recently the group of Russian senators has introduced the draft law aiming to control the ability of any internet user residing in Russia or using Russian emailing service to send electronic mail to anyone. According to proposal the email account holder can use it only if identification has been passed. The identification can be passed only through the cell phone number because it is to be assigned by the internal passport.

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Russian deputies proposed to create monopoly for distribution of TV content in internet

Publicly available channels are to be distributed through so called “one window” in internet according to the new recently proposed draft law. Other web-sites, which don’t participate in “one window scheme”, are to be blocked. There is already the candidate to be such “one window” operator. The draft law aims to create the single system of legal distribution for 20 publicly available channels. This system should be launched from 2020.

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Russian lawmakers want totally control the ability to emailing in Russia

A new draft law has been introduced to Russian state duma. This draft law proposes to enable electronic mail box for internet user only after checking of user’s cell phone. In other words under the draft law the emailing services is available for internet user only after his/her identification by cell phone. If identification fails for any reason the mailing service provider can disable emailing service.

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SWD Impact assessment on the modernisation of EU copyright rules – impacts of second option for the use of protected content by online services

An obligation on online services which store and give access to large amounts of protected content uploaded by their users to put in place appropriate and proportionate technologies and to increase transparency vis-a-vis rights holders

Against the backdrop of the role of user uploaded content services in the communication to the public of protected content, the establishment of an obligation to deploy technical means will have a positive impact on right holders.

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