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Category: Law

The new fines for non-compliance on personal data in Russia

Russian deputies have proposed new fines for persons who don’t comply with Russian law on keeping all personal data within the territory of Russia. The draft law aims to raise liability for non-compliance and provides amendments to Russian administrative code.

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SWD Impact assessment on the modernisation of EU copyright rules – impacts of first option for the use of protected content by online services

Stakeholder dialogues between rightholders and services which store and give access to large amounts of content uploaded by their users

Due to its voluntary nature, it seems unlikely that stakeholder dialogues will result in sufficient improvements in the take up, efficiency and transparency of technologies in comparison to the possible evolution of the market.

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Third edition of USA copyright office compendium – dramatic works

For purposes of copyright registration, a dramatic work is a composition generally in prose or verse that portrays a story that is intended to be performed for an audience such as plays, musicals, or operas. Generally, a dramatic work represents the action as it occurs rather than simply narrating or describing the action. Some dramatic works include music.

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Yandex has found solution for issue with encryption keys

Yandex was required to provide Russian Federal security service (FSB) with session encryption keys. Now, Yandex’s managing director has stated that Yandex and FSB have found solution. Does it mean Yandex provided FSB with encryption keys? There would not other solution except the one appropriate – providing access to keys.

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Even trolling can be treated as insulting of judge

David Diptych “The Judgment of Cambyses”

In Russia there is one interesting occasion. In The commercial court of Krasnodar there is one bankrupt case. The party of the case has sent to judge the motion in envelope with reproduction of “The Judgement of Cambyses”. There was not anything special in motion. It even does not matter what the case is about, the matter is the judge got indignant and scheduled separate court meeting in order to find out why the party has sent its motion in envelope with questionable reproduction.

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Russian Google Yandex can go the Telegram’s way in Russia

As almost everybody knows the access to Telegram messenger services is to be restricted in Russia under court order. Despite the blocking the Telegram is functioning in Russia and the administration of Russian president has even announced a tender to monitoring popular Telegram channels. But Yandex can’t be so brave and strong like Telegram because it could lose its business in Russia, in other words it could be destroyed and the Russian internal market could be absolutely free for Google.

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SWD Impact assessment on the modernisation of EU copyright rules – impacts of baseline option for the use of protected content by online services

Impact on creative industries’ and right holders’ capacity to control better the availability of their content on user uploaded content services and thereby negotiate with the services the conditions of such use: as the implementation by the services of technologies, such as content identification technologies, will remain voluntary and based on the terms set by the services, it is likely that the baseline scenario will not lead to improvements for rightholders who are likely to continue having difficulties to enter into negotiations and/or negotiate fair terms for the use of their content.

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Third edition of USA copyright office compendium – application tips for sound recording copyright registration

If the applicant intends to register (draft) a sound recording or a sound recording combined with the underlying musical work, dramatic work, or literary work embodied in that recording, the applicant must select “Sound Recording” when completing the online application or must use Form SR when completing a paper application.

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New financial conditions for touring of Russian theaters

Russian ministry of culture (MinCult) has changed the financial conditions for touring. The new federal agenda “Major touring” include new criterion defining financial support allocated to Russian theaters in order to help the bear costs associated with touring. For example, new rules preclude opportunity to fly in business class and receive fixed royalties for each performance. The business class will be available only honored artists (so called people’s artist) and art directors.

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