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It is not good idea to block web-sites for violation of antitrust law

The Russian ministry of economy is of such opinion. Russian Federal Antitrust Service has proposed to restrict access to web-site or take down mobile app for violation of antitrust law. It would be a new type of administrative punishment under Russian administrative law. Under proposal restriction of access or blocking of app would last up to 90 days. The Russian ministry of economy has assessed the draft law and its implications.

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The auditors have counted expenditures necessary for autonomy of Russian internet

The authors of draft law on autonomy for Russian internet claimed very seriously that the adoption of this law would not entail any expenditure for Russian state budget. But auditors from Russian Accounts Chamber have different opinion based on their own calculations. They believe realization of this law would entail budgetary expenditures, prices rising and as negative consequence speed up inflation.

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Is a laptop with pre-installed software a fair deal?

Mr Deroo-Blanquart acquired a Sony laptop in France which was equipped with pre-installed software including Windows Vista Home Premium operating system and various other software applications. When using that computer for the first time, Mr Deroo-Blanquart refused to subscribe to the operating system’s ‘end-user licence agreement’ (EULA), displayed on that computer’s screen, and requested, on 30 December 2008, reimbursement from Sony of the part of the purchase price of the computer corresponding to the cost of the pre-installed software.

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SWD IA on EU copyright modernisation – impacts of second option for preservation of cultural heritage

Mandatory harmonised exception for preservation purposes by cultural heritage institutions

Impacts on legal certainty for preservation of cultural heritage: This option would be effective for CHIs as all of them (including for example museums and film heritage institutions in all EU MS) would be in the position to carry out preservation reproductions of works in their permanent collections with legal certainty and with digital technologies.

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Russian government revealed flaws of draft law on internet autonomy, but endorsed it

Russian government has provided its assessment of draft law on Russian internet autonomy. According to assessment the draft law has legal uncertainty in relation to threats to Russian segment of internet. In other word it is not specified in draft law what is must protect. The main subject of draft law is protection of Russian internet against threats, but threats themselves are not specified.

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USA copyright office should help Russian cinemas to avoid payment of royalties for synch right

Russian collective management society this year has sued different cinemas for non-payment of royalties for synchronization right. According to current Russian law the Russian Authors Society has received state accreditation for collecting of royalties for synch right. State accreditation in collective management of rights means the holder of such accreditation can collect royalties in the name of right holders, who even did not provide authority to do it.

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It was proposed to register each device with access to internet

Russian senators have proposed to register each device with access to internet and consider opportunity to make it a law. Any person, who has phone or laptop, would be obliged to register his device by International mobile equipment identity (in a case of mobile phone) or by any other serial number allowing identification of device. The registration should cost about 100 Roubles. If the person does not register its device the communication operator has to block access to internet or cease providing a communication services.

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The law providing liability for insulting of Russian authorities in internet has been adopted in first reading

The Russian government believes the draft law, providing liability for those who insult Russian authorities in internet, is to be corrected. It was proposed to make wording of some definitions more clearly in order to exclude any opportunity of misinterpretation what as consequence can entail problems in enforcement practice. The general prosecutor and Russian ministry of justice have negatively assessed the current version of draft law.

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Russian minister of culture predicts the access to internet network on the passport

The ministry of culture is famous of its legislative proposals like restriction of access to web-sites without court order. The minister is pretty sure that all anonymity will disappear from global internet and go to darknet, but underlined that it is his own opinion. But many professionals in Russia know that very often personal opinions of Russian official persons can become reality under the law.

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