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Month: January 2020

Mass media fined for posts in folk language and SIM card inventory

In different parts of Russia there are still living indigenous people. They have their own language, traditions and culture. Not so many people can talk their language, not because it is non-official language in Russia, but because this language is unique and is not commonly widespread.

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Russian Github and free internet in Russia

Almost all software developers know what Githubis, including those who resides and works in Russia. Github belongs to Microsoft – the huge international company, having its presence even in Russia. The Russian ministry of economic development (MinEc) has proposed to create the Russian analogue of Github, in a case if Github would be blocked in Russia. Certainly such idea needs significant funding to be realized. Certainly MinEc has proposed to allocate in state budget the funding for realizing of this idea – the Russian Github.

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Russian government will create the Russian Wikipedia

The Russian officials already long time talk about substitution of Wikipedia by its Russian analogue in Russia. Actually the Russian wikipedia is not supposed to be created like its famous analogue. The Russian president endorses digitisation of Russian soviet encyclopedia, in other words the new encyclopedia is to be created centralized by the authors under editor’s control and on account of Russian state.

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