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Month: February 2020

Will Apple, Google and Microsoft stay in Russian market?

Such companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and others with diversified business activities almost around the world are also presented in Russian internal market. Except such companies there are also Russian digital companies in Russia, but mostly with foreign owner or stakeholder, i.e. such companies are also in some sense a foreign companies. The most problem in competition with foreign market players in Russian internal market is rough and sometimes unreasonable regulation affecting Russian market players.

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EU illegal IPTV research – broadcasters’ copyright

Key Points

  • Broadcasters’ rights cover on-demand streaming but not necessarily live internet streaming.
  • Only seven Member States explicitly recognise broadcaster’s rights in live internet streaming: Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Romania, Sweden and the UK.

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Rostelecom proposed to collect digital traces of Russians citizens

The Russian major telecommunication operator, providing different telecommunication services in Russia, has proposed to collect so called “digital traces” of Russian citizens under the control of Russian state. In other words the monopolist Rostelecom want control almost all aspects of life of Russian citizens.

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First criminal sentence in Russia for illegal online cinema

The blocking of web-resources doesn’t work effectively in the fight with online piracy in Russia. Actually restriction of access in Russia is possible under the court order in relation to certain address, mostly it is domain name. It is also possible to block mirror web-site, i.e. the site almost identical with blocked one, but with different domain name. But it is also is not as effective as right holders desire. Therefore the measures are going to be rigorous.

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