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Category: Enforcement

Music industry honors ICE agents

ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agents stationed in the United States, Canada, France and Netherlands were recognized by L. Carlos Linares, vice president of Anti-Piracy Legal Affairs at RIAA, for their role in aggressively pursuing a North Carolina man who had personally pirated upwards of $7 million worth of songs, albums and other copyright protected content on the websites and before they were seized by HSI authorities in 2014.

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UK IP enforcement 2020 – Tackling the trade in counterfeit goods

Tackling the trade in counterfeit goods requires the cooperation and coordination of a wide range of enforcement partners. For example, there are opportunities to work with the Local Government Association, local authorities and Police and Crime Commissioners to ensure that the harm caused at a local level is understood and enforcement is prioritised accordingly. IPO has a key role to play in acting as the focal point in the UK for collecting data on trends and emerging issues, and working with its partners to find appropriate ways to address these issues. IPO will build on its current work in this area, to provide a coordinating and supporting role to those bodies on the front line. IPO will do this by:

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Making the online world a place of legitimate activity for UK businesses and consumers

Making it easier for consumers to recognise and avoid copyright-infringing websites by:

  • Reviewing notice and takedown procedures to improve and streamline the process and consider the scope for introducing a Code of Practice for intermediaries.
  • Examining the scope for introducing a system of notice and trackdown to enable rights holders to take action directly against the identified infringer.
  • Pushing within Europe for clarification of the current EU rules around platform liability and improving the current system to allow rights holders to more effectively protect and legitimately exploit their copyright.
  • Developing understanding of the challenges posed by set-top boxes and IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), and work with partners to tackle this emerging and fast growing method of infringement.

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UK IP Enforcement 2020 – IP Crime and infringement: The scale and the challenge

There are strong emerging trends that continue to pose a major threat to IP rights, including increased sales of high-value counterfeit items such as handbags, watches and electrical appliances, and strong growth in the use of social media to facilitate access to counterfeit goods. More and more consumers are also turning to the internet to source both legal and pirated copyright content, legal and illegal audio-visual streams and genuine goods as well as counterfeited items. As demand for faster and cheaper access to content and goods grows, criminals are finding newer and more innovative ways to meet that demand. Additionally, changes in consumer behaviour make it difficult to fully measure the scope and scale of IP crime in the UK, or to know whether or not we are seeing a genuine reduction in criminal activity. Similarly, the global nature of the internet increases the challenges and complexities involved in measuring and addressing IP infringement and counterfeiting.

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