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Russian antipiracy law needs revision as believe in Russian state duma

Russian antipiracy law must be revised, said first deputy of chairman of state duma committee on informational policy Vadim Dengin. “There is no such fact in our law as definition what is piracy in this case. If I have bought relevant movie and want to share it with my 20 friends and I do it in order to provide them with opportunity to download movie with high speed and to watch it when they want. Am I a pirate in such case? Even if I’ve paid for this content. And piracy is thousand people, of five hundreds, or couple hundreds? We don’t have it in our law. And I believe such miscues should be eliminated near future.”

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Russian president’s counsellor on internet believes permanent blocking of torrent is a bad comedy

German Klimenko, Russian president on internet, believes permanently blocking of domain can be easily circumvented with changing of domain name. “If you decided to fight piracy, you should make it some other way. I don’t know exactly what kind of way, but now it seems like a not very good comedy” – he said.

Comments closed’s statistic of visits after permanent blocking does not justify Roskomnadzor’s hopes yet

Russian internet service providers commenced to block access to popular Russian torrent tracker website Rozkomnadzor hopes that permanent blocking will make internet users refuse from using of this website and in general makes them search for other sources of content. Perhaps legal. If most pirate services will be blocked most internet users, who is not professional in pirating content, will pay attention to legal services. How it should be ideally according to Roskomnadzor.

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Now it seems clear why German Klimenko, Russian president’s counsellor on internet, believes copyright protection in Russia can wait

Mass media has found out one interesting thing about German Klimenko. According to vedomosti torrent tracker is in a field of his interests. He was owner of this website. He handed over this business to his son in order to be president’s counsellor on internet. On main page of Liveinternet, popular platform for bloggers in Russia founded by Klimenko, there is advertisement of Torrnado service.

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Michel Reimon’s, Catherine Stihler’s draft opinion and Pavel Svoboda’s draft report on EU action plan on enforcement of IPR

Michel Reimon (de)

The Committee on Culture and Education calls on the Committee on Legal Affairs, as the committee responsible, to incorporate the following suggestions into its motion for a resolution: the key objective of the action plan should be to ensure that future measures taken to enforce Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are not based solely on data provided by the industry, in particular in the cultural and creative sectors, but on precise, unbiased data documenting IPR infringements; in order to achieve a meaningful enforcement of IPR, full information should include a clear indication of the type of IPR (for example patent, trademark, copyright), the status of its validity and the identity of the owners; IPR enforcement should not prevent open research and knowledge sharing.

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Russian Union of Right holders lost the suit against Dell

Russian Union of Right holders (RSP), collecting private copying levy under state accreditation, has lost the suit against Dell. The court decision is not published yet. But according to, Dell and RSP have determined and agreed list of “taxable” equipment intended for home use. Equipment intended for corporate use has been excluded from list. On monthly basis Dell regularly reported to RSP list of imported equipment, RSP issued invoices and Dell paid them regularly.

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Google can face huge fine in Russia for anticompetitive behaviour

Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russian Federation has decided Google Inc and Google Ireland Ltd. infringed article 10 of law on protection of competition. Federal antimonopoly service predicts the amount of fine for Google is approximately 7% from turnover in 2014. Also inflation will be taken into account. Fine will be counted in Russian roubles, what can be good for Russian budget due to very profitable exchange rate. As chief of Russian federal antimonopoly service (FAS) Igor Artemiev stated, different factors and aggravating circumstances (such as process protraction) will be taken into account.

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Copyright protection can wait in Russia, now it is not good time for it, Russian president’s counsellor on internet believes

German Klimenko, Russian president’s counsellor on internet, believes it is not good and suitable time to force a copyright protection in Russia. Russian authors must be more tolerant to the public. It is better to return to this question when economic situation in Russia will get better. Klimenko believes, authors should receive their commission fees (but usually it calls royalties, actually), but “always there is such thing as appropriateness of this question (when authors receive their royalties). Actually, consumption of copyrights is growing along with consumption of economic growth, and when situation is very hard and difficult, I believe, people should not be terrorized by these questions. Authors should be more correct in relation to people in difficult economic circumstances.”

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