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Draft law about news aggregators in Russia will be mitigated

This draft law, as it is promised, will lose its provisions requiring news aggregators to verify information prior to publish it. Interfax was told by Leonid Levin, chairman of Russian state duma committee on informational policy, informational technologies and connection. All main companies-news aggregators have provided their assessments of, opinions on and propositions for this legislative initiative.

“Till the end of April we will discuss this draft law with industry within the framework of working group, organised in participation with experts’ board of our committee. Till the end of the month propositions and amendments to this draft law will be developed. If industry interests will be met and there will be no false problems created, so we will adopt it at this spring session” – said Levin. He also mentioned that currently the main issue is responsibility for republishing. Today mass media do not bear responsibility for republishing of material, therefore proposition to introduce such responsibility should be declined, mass media, aggregators and representatives from executive authorities are agree with it.

Levin also paid attention to assessment of draft law made by Russian ministry of communication (MinCom). He said, not only MinCom provides its conclusion on this issue. “We have heard opinion of only one from deputies of Russian minister of communication. We don’t have opinion of government yet.”