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White paper – Making available issue

There is no unitary copyright title in Europe, so works are protected on the basis on 28 national legislations. The use of a work in all EU Member States therefore requires the clearing of rights for 28 territories. The varying availability and accessibility of content services in the EU can thus be caused by the difficulties that service providers have in obtaining all the rights needed in all territories.

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Administration of Russian president dislikes the idea of internet tax

As reported Vedomosti the administration of Russian president dislike the idea of internet tax. The negative review was prepared in response to the proposed amendments to Russian copyright legislation. Proposed internet tax was intended to be collected from internet service providers, about 300 roubles in year for each subscriber. In return of this sum the service provides would receive so called global licence allowing to subscriber to download content from internet without any limits.

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Reforming of copyright in EU and one of the questions concerned: exceptions and limitations and the functioning of the internal market

In the light of coming copyright reforms in EU the draft impact assessment concerns some important copyright issues. One of them is exceptions and limitations and the functioning of the internal market.

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