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Day: October 11, 2018

SWD IA on EU copyright modernisation – impacts of baseline option for text and data mining

Problems faced by public interest research organisations are likely to remain largely unsolved under this option. Publishers’ market driven initiatives aiming at facilitating mining for non-commercial purposes on the basis of licences will continue to be developed. Over time more publishers are likely to include TDM clauses in their subscriptions or provide open access solutions. This would improve legal certainty for researchers to some extent.

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Third edition of USA copyright office compendium – types of derivative musical works

When sufficient new harmonies or instrumentation are added to a preexisting musical work, the musical arrangement may be registered as a derivative work.

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Experts from educational supervision authority have been accused of scientific plagiarism

Scientific community “Dissernet” has examined scientific works of experts from Russian educational supervision authority Rosobrnadzor and discovered “incorrect citations” and “forgeries” in scientific works wrote by Rosobrnadzor’s experts. Community believes educational supervision authority discredits itself if employs such experts. Rosobrnadzor replied that the procedure of accreditation of such experts is “extremely public”.

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