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Experts from educational supervision authority have been accused of scientific plagiarism

Scientific community “Dissernet” has examined scientific works of experts from Russian educational supervision authority Rosobrnadzor and discovered “incorrect citations” and “forgeries” in scientific works wrote by Rosobrnadzor’s experts. Community believes educational supervision authority discredits itself if employs such experts. Rosobrnadzor replied that the procedure of accreditation of such experts is “extremely public”.

Scientific community “Dissernet” has defined how many experts work in Rosobrnadzor and counted 2100 of them. The Dissernet than selected 224 experts and examined their scientific works. Rosobrnadzor has underlined that currently it employs only little more than 1600 experts. The figure 2100 is valid at the May 2018. The half of experts examined by community is “involved” in protection of plagiarized scientific works. The fifth part of examined experts has been accused of plagiarize in their own scientific works.

The purpose of examination, as was declared, is quality assessment of professional selection of experts by Rosobrnadzor. Experts inspect Russian institution of higher education, therefore such experts should be not only professionals, and their professional qualification should not be discredited. The criterion of community’s assessment is “the quantity of experts participating in violation of scientific ethics, in serial production of fake scientific works, in plagiarism of scientific works and articles”.

The community examined those experts, who protected their scientific works in institutions of higher education “spotted in multiple violations”. In scientific works of 48 experts the community has discovered “incorrect citations”, 23 experts have been accused of forgery in scientific works, 116 experts have been involved in protection of plagiarized scientific works and other violations. “At least dozens of experts have experience of intentional and scaled violations of academic ethics”, – stated Dissernet.

According to scientific community the outcomes of examination lead to conclusion that the Rosobrnadzor’s experts don’t have sufficient professionalism, ethical qualities to execute their duties and “presence hundreds of dishonest experts in the list also discredits diligent and professional experts.