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Month: December 2015

Russian Union of Right holders has sued Hewlett-Packard for non-payment of private copying levy

Russian Union of Right holders (RSP) believes Hewlett-Packard owes almost 114 million Russian roubles. According to document preliminary sitting of the court will be on 19.02.2016.

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Roskomnadzor wants to handle blocking of pirate content on mobile devices

Roskomnadzor has proposed to provide blocking of pirate resources on mobile equipment and pirate content in app stores. Some resources provide mobile versions of their web-sites which in certain circumstances allow users to circumvent blocking thanks to technical features of such mobile versions – believes Zharov, chief of Roskomnadzor. He proposed to form working group in order to develop proposition how it is better to fight pirate content on mobile devices.

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Roskomnadzor will monitor internet media

The purpose of new system is monitoring and detection of illegal content in internet media. Currently this system works in test mode in 19 regions of Russia. During 2016 it must be implemented in all regions. This system automatically collects and analyses content of all internet media and detects content, which infringes Russian legislation. Analytical core of this system is in the general radio frequency center. Declared intention is to make a quality of internet media within the territory of Russian Federation better. System also analyses comments and forums, but does not monitor entire internet due to financial reasons – not enough funds for this global purpose.

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Roskomnadzor Chief Aleksandr Zharov believes most popular torrent tracker websites will be permanently blocked in Russia in 2016

As Aleksandr Zharov stated, about 15 most popular torrent trackers due to right holders’ endeavours are included in list for permanent blocking. Decisions to block sites are appealed. But he believes these sites will be blocked in 2016. According to statistical data 95% of citizens don’t use tools to circumvent blocking of websites, therefore their traffic will significantly down.

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Neglect of right “to be forgotten” can cost to Russian search engines maximum 1 million roubles

Draft law about right “to be forgotten” passed second reading in state duma. Maximum penalties for search engines were reduced. Now it is planned to impose one million roubles penalty instead of originally planned three millions.

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Removing Restrictions to e-Commerce.

Territorial restrictions and geo-blocking: digital content (copyright) (official)

Barriers to cross-border access to online content are often based on the territoriality of copyright and on licencing practices. In the audiovisual sector for example, copyright licences are generally awarded for national territories on an exclusive basis. As a result, an online content service in one member state may not be able to legally deliver the content to a consumer in another member state. Even when right holders hold the rights for all territories or when service providers are granted multi-territorial licences, they can decide to distribute the content on a territorial basis, thus segmenting the market. Therefore, business decisions also play a significant role in the limited availability of content across borders.

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Russian constitutional court decided whether Russian private copying levy is in accordance with Russian constitution

In its complaint to Constitutional court of Russian Federation “Nokia” ltd. asked the court to admit as contradicted to Constitution of Russian Federation, including to article 4 (part 2), 6 (part 2), 8, 15 (part 1), 19 (parts 1 and 2), 34 (part 1), 55 part 3) and 115 (part 1), a following legal provisions:

item 1 of article 1245 “Remuneration for free reproduction of phonograms and audiovisual works for private purposes” of Russian Civil code;

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Read-out of the College meeting of 09/12/2015 and presentation of the first Digital Single Market proposals and on digital contract rules for e-commerce and on the modernisation of EU copyright rules

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Permanent blocking of has been appealed

As reported RBC, lawyers from public organisation “Roskomsvoboda” have appealed decision of Moscow Court to permanently block torrent website Initially it was filed “short version” of appeal by one of the user of website and within the week one more appeal to be filed by authors, whose right to disseminate information will be restricted by this permanent blocking. During the coming month other users of website can take a part in appeal. There is special site organised with purposes to fight blocking of – More than hundred users wish to take a part in appeal. Filed appeal can postpone permanent blocking at least for two months.

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