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Roskomnadzor will monitor internet media

The purpose of new system is monitoring and detection of illegal content in internet media. Currently this system works in test mode in 19 regions of Russia. During 2016 it must be implemented in all regions. This system automatically collects and analyses content of all internet media and detects content, which infringes Russian legislation. Analytical core of this system is in the general radio frequency center. Declared intention is to make a quality of internet media within the territory of Russian Federation better. System also analyses comments and forums, but does not monitor entire internet due to financial reasons – not enough funds for this global purpose.

System analyses textual content of web-site. If web-site contains media files, their description is also to be analysed and if system considers there is illegal information, it leaves data for manual examination by analyst of supervising authority. Besides, officer responsible for media supervision resigns his position. Among his duties were supervision and blocking of illegal web-sites in internet.