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Russian president proposed to change Russian patent system

“Russian patent system should be improved”, – believes the Russian president. “We have short terms of patent protection and registration procedures; they are shorter than those in USA, Europe and China,” – he added. But there are also some things, which should be taken into consideration – pre-patenting and other means of patent protection and prompt reaction. The system of patent protection should be streamlined.

Russian “Rospatent provides its services to 29 countries; in USA the relevant authorities provide similar services to 19 countries. It indicates the quality and interest, therefore this field certainly requires additional attention,” – he underlined. Approximately the term for issuance of patent is 10 months, but if there any mistakes or omissions, the term can be up to 18 months.

“Here we have things to do; we need to improve the system of application for patents, in order to provide an applicant with help and assistance.” In any case an expertise must be made prior the final decision. The president also proposed to provide more exemptions for students, who would like to patent their inventions, despite the fact that application fee for students is 20% of common tariff (8 thousands Roubles).