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Russian government will create the Russian Wikipedia

The Russian officials already long time talk about substitution of Wikipedia by its Russian analogue in Russia. Actually the Russian wikipedia is not supposed to be created like its famous analogue. The Russian president endorses digitisation of Russian soviet encyclopedia, in other words the new encyclopedia is to be created centralized by the authors under editor’s control and on account of Russian state.

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Someone has set on fire the Roskomnadzor’s office for blocking of pirates

Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor should keep Russian internet save from external threats, including piracy. Each day its officers working hard in order to clear internet in Russia out of illegal stuff – whether it is pirated content, fake news or something else what is forbidden for dissemination in Russia. The illegal movies are not exception. One Russian citizens has set on fire one of the Russian Roskomandzor’s office, he made it three times.

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Auditors found risk of profiteering in ticket sales

Russian auditors’ chamber has executed inspection of Russian culture institutions – Russian Hermitage, Russian The Grand Theatre, and Russian State Film Fund (Gosfilmofond). Chamber inspected the execution of Russian state budget; in other words how state institution spend money allocated them within certain period of time. After the inspection auditors decried system of ticket sales.

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The law against ticket resellers has been adopted in first reading

The Russian state duma has adopted the draft law aiming to regulate tickets sales in first reading. The main purpose of law is to exclude intermediaries from ticket sales chain. Thanks to such intermediaries the ticket prices sometimes increase more than three times from initial, selling price. The Russian legislators intend to make such practice over. Actually the law does not contain mandatory procedure of sales, rather its provisions “describes” how tickets should be sold.

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Experts from educational supervision authority have been accused of scientific plagiarism

Scientific community “Dissernet” has examined scientific works of experts from Russian educational supervision authority Rosobrnadzor and discovered “incorrect citations” and “forgeries” in scientific works wrote by Rosobrnadzor’s experts. Community believes educational supervision authority discredits itself if employs such experts. Rosobrnadzor replied that the procedure of accreditation of such experts is “extremely public”.

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Russian educational supervising authority proposed to check bachelor’s diploma works on the subject of plagiarism

Russian prime-minister Dmitry Medvedev and presidents of Russian higher educational institutions have organized a meeting this July. At the meeting propositions, aiming to improve the system of state accreditation for institutions of higher education, have been discussed.

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