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It was proposed to register each device with access to internet

Russian senators have proposed to register each device with access to internet and consider opportunity to make it a law. Any person, who has phone or laptop, would be obliged to register his device by International mobile equipment identity (in a case of mobile phone) or by any other serial number allowing identification of device. The registration should cost about 100 Roubles. If the person does not register its device the communication operator has to block access to internet or cease providing a communication services.

The Russian government upheld this idea and believes such measure could ensure the national security and eliminate any sense to steal gadgets. But Russian government believes the registration should be free of charge but mandatory anyway. The draft law is not published yet, but mass media state that the draft law obliges the importers and manufacturers of equipment, subject to regulation, to register mobile devices by EMEI. Natural persons, who buy devices at their own, should register through platforms providing state services.

For devices, bought before the adoption of law, the draft law proposed “amnesty” for up to five years. After expiry of such amnesty the communication services for such unregistered device is to be blocked. Therefore there would be two lists of devices – the white list (registered devices with full packet of communication services) and black list (with devices for which the communication services are to be blocked). There would be also the so called transitional list – unregistered devices which are to the registered or so called “exceptions”.

Stakeholders upheld this draft law. They believe it would eliminate the sense to steal mobile phone because they can be blocked remotely. Besides the draft law would exclude so called “grey import” – uncertified devices.