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Month: March 2019

SWD Impact assessment on the modernisation of EU copyright rules – Achieving a well-functioning market place for copyright

In the recent years, the internet has become the main marketplace for the distribution of and access to copyright protected content, involving a high number of market players and a diversity of business models. While online content services have become essential for the generation of revenues, rightholders face difficulties when seeking to monetise and control the distribution of their content online. There is a growing concern about the sharing of the value generated by some of the new forms of online content distribution.

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Third edition of USA copyright office compendium – registration issues linked to sound recordings

A sound recording and the music, lyrics, words, or other underlying content embodied in that recording are separate works. For example, the song “Amazing Grace” and a recording of Aretha Franklin singing “Amazing Grace” are two distinct works. The song itself (i.e., the music and lyrics) is a “musical work.” A recording of that song performed by a particular artist is a “sound recording.”

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Should the traditional mass media be liable for fake news?

The traditional mass media in Russia – traditional television and radio stations and print issues – are totally under control of the state. Most of them have also strong support from the state budget. But if these media provide information for huge massive audience, should they be liable for mistakes, i.e. for so called fake news made by mistake, omission or by any other reason. In other words, if traditional mass media provides incorrect information should it be liable?

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The new law on Russian internet autonomy can allow not abiding it

The new law on Russian internet autonomy would entail huge expenditures for Russian telecommunication companies. First of all they would need to buy new equipment for compliance and execution of new law. Actually the Russian state promised to provide the telecommunication operators, working in Russia, with necessary equipment. But it is not cheap. Therefore the Russian state budget needs a lot of funds in order to execute the proposed law.

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