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The new law on Russian internet autonomy can allow not abiding it

The new law on Russian internet autonomy would entail huge expenditures for Russian telecommunication companies. First of all they would need to buy new equipment for compliance and execution of new law. Actually the Russian state promised to provide the telecommunication operators, working in Russia, with necessary equipment. But it is not cheap. Therefore the Russian state budget needs a lot of funds in order to execute the proposed law.

The lack of necessary funds could lead to strange situation – the companies have to comply with law but it is impossible due to excessive burden. Therefore the legislators, taking into account the current economic situation and the financial capabilities of state budget, have proposed original solution – the communication operators would work in Russia under proposed law without necessary equipment if the state does not provide it. Without necessary equipment the subject of regulation would not bear liability for non-compliance linked to the lack of such equipment.

It is basic position of Russian ministry of communication. Other stakeholders and interested persons are not happy with proposed law. Many of them believe the law can cause decreasing in quality communication and increasing in prices. The authors of proposed law believe the quality of traffic could decrease. But it is not all about changes in coming law. There are strong concerns regarding to authority of Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor. Many believe RKN would receive too much power.

It was also proposed to exclude form draft law the requirement to create the national system of domain names under the umbrella of RKN. The business community does not applaud such idea. Experts from Russian state duma have underlined there is already exists Russian registry of domain names under the control of Russian state, what reasons to create another one? The Russian ministry of justice and ministry of finance also dislike such idea. According to most explanations the authority duplication is irrational.