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Law-enforcement authorities inspect RAO affiliates

Law enforcement authorities inspect business activity of four companies founded by Russian Authors’ Society. Three of these four companies were wound up within two years. As reported Izvestia, main department on economic defense and fight corruption inspects these companies in connection with possible misappropriation of assets. The reason for such interest from relevant authorities is anonymous letter. As reported RBC, the subject of inspection is whether RAO has stolen royalty due to its members and authors by means of acquisition and sale of non-movable property through front companies. Presumable sum of damages is about a half billion roubles. Member of RAO Authors’ board confirmed, she was asked about some deals with non-movable property in question. But she does not remember details. Deals in question were made in 2011 and now is 2015. She told about the letter – reason for inspection. But the author of this letter is known. “All country knows him. This man is very offended, he wants to receive money for his music but no radio station broadcast his compositions.”

Sergey Fedotov in its interview to Izvestia gave explanations to inspections. RAO sold its premises because it was more profitable. The money, earned on these deals, RAO spend on its professional business activity. He also mentioned about salaries in RAO, just few words. Employees receive not so big salaries, they are lesser than in similar commercial organisations, but people don’t leave RAO, they like their job. Fedotov believes someone wants to occupy RAO and make him quit. Last year he has received gravestone with his image, it was warning. “Someone wants to destroy system of copyright protection in Russia.” Fedotov knows who makes all this. Powerful men. He doesn’t want to give any names. Fedotov also mentioned conception of global licence (so called internet tax). He will not refuse to implement it. He will work much harder on it.