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Deputies from Russian state duma asked prime-minister, minister of internal affairs and attorney general to inspect Russian accredited CMOs

Deputies from Communist party requested prime-minister Dmitry Medvedev, attorney general and minister of internal affairs to inspect accredited Russian collective management societies. Deputies asked to inspect Russian Authors Society (RAO), All-Russian Intellectual Property Organisation (VOIS) and Russian Union of Right holders (RSP), they are concerned about transparency in spending of collected royalties by accredited CMOs. Deputies underlined declining trust degree of authors, performers, producers and other right holders in relation to CMO. “As we can make conclusion, based on information we have, during the management of copyright by RAO, VOIS, RSP, authors, performers, producers and other right holders have not received more than 10 billion roubles.”

In request it is also mentioned that many scandals are related to RSP’s activity. From 2010 to 2014 RSP collected 8 billion roubles, but right holders have received only 4.5 billion roubles. About 98% of all monies stated in RSP’s report “streamed almost in full to other organisations managing copyright”, but not to the authors. Similar situation, when authors don’t receive most part of collected monies on their behalf, can exist in RAO and VOIS, as stated in request. Deputies also asked to “undertake effective measures to demonopolisation” of collective management industry. Antitrust law is not applied to CMO’s activity in Russia, what caused their “fusion”, deputies believe. RAO, RSP and VOIS are “affiliated so close, that they are actually one organisation”, therefore it does not make any sense to inspect only one RAO.

RSP’s and VOIS’s CEO Andrey Krichevsky did not delay with answer and reaction too. He invited deputies from communist party to RSP’ office and showed them presentation explaining how RSP and VOIS collect and distribute royalties. But there is one thing. Deputies who asked to inspect Russian accredited collecting societies have not attended the meeting. Sergey Obuhov, one of these deputies, is still waiting for reply from Russian ministry of internal affairs, government and attorney general’ office. He is glad his colleagues have received answers on their questions, but did not know about their meeting.