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Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service established administrative delict committed by Google

Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) established administrative delict committed by Google and conducts administrative investigation. Prior to establish delict FAS considered the case on Google’s anticompetitive behaviour. So, what exactly Russian FAS wants from Google?

Within 5 days period following receiving of decision to conduct administrative investigation Google must provide the FAS with following information and documents confirming it: information about corporate officials responsible for decisions to conclude agreements MADA, RSA, AFA and approval of essential agreement terms for period from 2012 till now; information about Google Inc.’s income and also information about persons who have authority to receive income from introduction, use and dissemination of pre-installed app-store Google Play in Russia along with documents confirming this authority for period of 2014. FAS also requires information about income received by Google Inc. and authorised persons (along with documents confirming their authority to receive income) for use, introduction and dissemination of pre-installed together with Google Play apps, products, Google’s services, including Google’s search service, and also income from advertising in Russia for period of 2014.

Google also has to provide in writing explanations and materials related to case. Authorised Google’s representative must provide FAS with explanations concerning administrative delict and sign protocol on administrative delict. If Google’s representative will not appear at appointed time it will be considered as refusal to sign a protocol on administrative delict. Google has the right to access all materials of the administrative case, to give explanations, to provide necessary evidences, to file motions and to exercise other right provided by Russian Administrative Code. The Google can face a fine in Russia. The fine can amount to 15% of turnover in Russian market. But the Google doesn’t disclose its revenues receiving from Google Play separately from other revenues.