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Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service blames Google for aggressive behaviour in Russia

FAS is glad of courts’ decision on Google case. FAS believes it will have positive impact on competition in Russian IT market. FAS’s chief Igor Artemiev said fine for Google can amount 8% from turnover if there will be no mitigating factors. If Google will go to the court it will lose option to face a minimal fine amounting to 1% from turnover. It seems Google decided to fight. Artemiev hopes on settlement with Google, but in this case Google has to admit its guilt. Actually FAS waits when Google will appeal Moscow commercial court decision.

According to FAS it is not a problem to figure out Google’s market share and its turnover. “It is not a problem. It is matter of two seconds. We just comply with procedural terms, provided by Russian legislation.” – said Artemiev. Artemiev also believes Google chose wrong tactic in this case, which precludes compromise. Actually he blamed Google in aggressive behaviour in Russia. But what means aggressive behaviour? “Google don’t address anyone. It protects its rights, what is normal procedure. So, we also protect interests of our companies, competition interests. Therefore I don’t believe in any compromises. … Company speaks out in such aggressive style in foreign and Russian mass media. What we read: FAS infringed some procedures during consideration of the case, what is flat nonsense. … But it is not tragedy, they chose such tactic. I can say only one thing – such system does not relate to best practice. Such respectable corporation could behave itself in best traditions of impugnment and protection of its rights and interests.” – said Artemiev.