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Google can face huge fine in Russia for anticompetitive behaviour

Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russian Federation has decided Google Inc and Google Ireland Ltd. infringed article 10 of law on protection of competition. Federal antimonopoly service predicts the amount of fine for Google is approximately 7% from turnover in 2014. Also inflation will be taken into account. Fine will be counted in Russian roubles, what can be good for Russian budget due to very profitable exchange rate. As chief of Russian federal antimonopoly service (FAS) Igor Artemiev stated, different factors and aggravating circumstances (such as process protraction) will be taken into account.

But it is early for FAS to rub hands with joy, Google will not give up. Google does not agree with FAS’s decision and impugnment of it by Google can take at least one year as well as execution of FAS decision. Therefore inflation for period from 2014 to 2017 will be included in amount of fine.