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Russian right holders proposed to make web-sites like a legal entities without their incorporation

Russian association of movie and television producers (APKiT) proposed new measure to fight piracy. But this measure would affect many market players in Russia, even those who has nothing in common with piracy and even with such content like movies, music or images.

In Russia there is state register of registered legal entities. Under Russia law the legal entity does exist from the moment when it is included in registry. So this registry applies only to legal entities. Association proposed to apply this registry to web-sites. Owners of web-sites have to incorporate legal entities in Russia and affiliate their web-site with their legal entities in Russia. It is simple and impossible to implement.

It is also proposed to forbid placing of advertisement on web-site which is not included in state registry of legal entities. Do the developers of this draft know how to implement this measure in relation to foreign web-sites? According to legal counsellor of association the logic is simple – if web-site is not registered as legal entity or individual enterprise and runs business in Russia, then advertisement on such web-site is illegal. Disarming logic.

It was also proposed to bundle domain names of web-site with certain legal entity and include the information about it in registry of legal entities or individual enterprise. Russian Ministry of culture has received these ideas but also considers other options to fight piracy and advertisement on pirate resources. Association confirmed that impact of proposed measures on foreign web-sites has been not explored and analysed.

Market players, buying rights in content, believe pirates must be deprived of advertising revenues. They try to reach arrangement with advertising agencies to boycott pirate web-sites, but if such boycott will be provided by law they will uphold it.