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How new law regulates blocking of web-site mirrors in Russia?

In order to trigger the mechanism of blocking, the Russian Roskomnadzor has to receive a court order. After that, Roskomnadzor requires internet service providers (ISP) to restrict access to web-site in Internet permanently, if there was illegally placed information containing objects of copyright or information necessary to receive such objects with help of info-telecommunication networks, including Internet.

Roskomnadzor also requires search engines (which disseminate advertising in Internet and such advertising is intended to attract attention of consumers – it seems if search engine does not disseminate advertising for Russian consumers it falls outside of regulation of this law; besides, it is not clear what means exactly “to disseminate advertising”) to cease showing in search results the data on domain name and URLs of web-site which is to be blocked.

But what about the “mirror” of web-site, what it means? In initial draft there was “derivative site”. But after the first reading this definition has been excluded. Now it is “a copy of blocked web-site”. The copy of blocked web-site is a web-site similar to confusion with a web-site which has been blocked for numerous and illegal placing of information, containing objects of copyright, or information necessary to receive such objects with help of info-telecommunication networks, including Internet. Now it is forbidden to host mirrors of pirate web-sites blocked in Russia under Russian law.

Who can notify Russian ministry of communication (MinCom) of pirate “mirror”? Only right holders and executive authorities. If they found such mirror of pirate web-site, blocked in Russia, they can notify MinCom. MinCom has 24 hours in order to determine whether web-site, mentioned in notification, is a “copy of blocked web-site”. The decision must be motivated. When decision is made it must be sent to the owner of “web-site-clone” and to Roskomnadzor. The decision must be in English and in Russian.

If Roskomnadzor became aware of web-site clone, it has 24 hours 1) to determine the hosting provider of such web-site or any person providing hosting of such web-site in internet, 2) to notify them of MinCom’s decision (in English and in Russian) and 3) to require internet service providers (ISP) to undertake measures, necessary to restrict access to web-site clone in question, and 4) to require search engines to cease showing in search results domain name of web-site in question and its URLs. ISP and search engine have 24 hours to execute Rsokomnadzor’s requirement.