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RuTracker’s users can participate personally in its expansion

RuTracker has proposed its users to help web-resource to protect from Roskomnadzor and other Russian watchdogs and any restriction of access. Thanks to amendments to Russian law, it is possible to restrict access even to mirror of web-site, which was blocked in Russia, and sometimes even VPN is powerless to circumvent blocking. RuTracker’s idea is something similar to P2P principle – multiple domains would provide multiple accesses to main web-site.

RuTracker’s administration proposed its users to provide access to RuTracker through their own domains. It means each user can register his own domain and provide access to RuTracker through his domain. It was proposed in order to diminish Roskomnadzor’s endeavors to “filter unfiltered” and help to receive access to main web-site when VPN is useless. The new RuTracker’s idea is called “My.RuTracker”. Administration of RuTracker would help any user to adjust domain settings in order to make redirection from user’s domain to RuTracker’s resource.

The logic is simple. If the user or his friends know new domain, it would be pretty difficult to find new domain and restrict access to it. “Applications” to setup redirection are to be sent on a forum through personal messages. Only second level domains can be accepted. Little time after the application the “applicant” receives the list of NS-addresses, which the user should use in order to setup redirection. Such mechanism or redirection would redirect to RuTracker web-site through dynamic IP-address, this can help to avoid blocking by certain IP address.