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How many Rutrackers there are in Russia?

At the meeting of governmental council on cinema support Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev discovered permanently blocked web-site is available for visitors. He has visited web-site from his personal iPad. First Channel’s CEO Konstantin Ernst claimed current applying mechanisms implemented to fight internet-piracy don’t work, after blocking of web-site under court order illegal copies promptly appear on dozens of other web-sites. Court orders also are not always executed. He said “Rutracker is permanently blocked in Russia, but it is still available.”

Medvedev decided to verify this information and visited Rutracker from his personal iPad. He has not discovered any restrictions but has discovered on first page illegal movie copy “The revenant” with Leonardo DiCaprio. Then he asked Russian minister of communication (Roskomnadzor, blocking web-sites forever, is subordinated to Russian ministry of communication) Nikolay Nikiforov “and how your Roskomnadzor blocks it?” Minister said he cannot access web-site from his personal smartphone, and supposed Medvedev had access to web-site due to “features of communication”, which Medvedev benefits from. Medvedev explained his iPad has been connected to VGIK’s (where meeting has taken place) public Wi-Fi network. Nikiforov promised to find out everything about this situation.

Little later, Roskomnadzor’s representative Vadim Ampelomskiy stated 97% of Russian operators have blocked access to Rutracker, but operator, providing internet in VGIK, didn’t do it. This company is in process of liquidation. All technical staff has been dismissed and therefore nobody in company can block access to Rutracker. After meeting operator has found resources and blocked access to web-site. Ampelonskiy also mentioned there are legal means of anonymising, coding and compression of internet traffic what allows to use blocked resources. “In order to achieve 100% effectiveness it is necessary to develop current legislation, including rules, regulating filtration of traffic when compressive and cryptographic means are used” – he said.

But did Memdeved really visit In publication on Tjournal it was supposed Medvedev accessed, different torrent tracker. This web-site was not permanently blocked.