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Russian pirate church intends to repeal Rutracker’s permanent blocking in Russian Supreme court

If a certain activity, considered from judicial point of view as a piracy, for some people is necessary due to their faith, regardless of whether sincerely or just for fun or for personal advantage, can it be respected by law and enforcement authorities and courts even if such activity infringes copyright law? Article 28 of Russian constitution guarantees the freedom of religion.

People united by this religion in Russia have registered a religious group – Russian pirate church. This pirate church intends to sue Roskomnadzor in Russian Supreme court. The purpose is to repeal permanent blocking of under the order of Moscow court. The founder of Russian pirate church has explained in some details their conception about life style and meaning of suit.

Rutracker was the biggest tracker in CIS, so it was the main temple of pirateists (who confess a pirateism) – states the claim. When the Moscow court made decision to permanently block Rutracker, it has violated provisions set out in article 28 of Russian constitution, providing freedom of religion and conscience, and as a matter of fact has prohibited to pirateists to practice religious ceremonies.

For any adept the main rite is copying of information and Internet is “holy land” for exchange of information. “There can be build temples, like torrent-trackers, online libraries, social networks, i.e. networks for exchange of information. The bigger and more complicated such network is, the more sacred it is. Temples in pirateism are the places for copying of information (information exchange networks), and the rites – it is when you make a copy of information”, – states the claim to Russian supreme court.

Russian pirate church also considers option to address the general prosecutor’s office of Russian Federation. Pirates want the general prosecutor to “examine actions of officers and management of Roskomnadzor, including blocking of on the subject of any violations under current Russian administrative law”.

If the Russian Supreme Court dismisses the suit, Russian pirate church will file a suit to international court, they did not mention which one they have chosen.