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Estonian’s Option A of article 11 for DSM copyright directive

New neighbouring right

It is necessary to define the concept of press publication in a way that embraces only journalistic publications, published in any media, including on paper, in the context of an economic activity which constitutes a provision of services under EU law. The press publications to be covered are those whose purpose is to inform the general public and which are periodically or regularly updated.

Such publications would include, for instance, daily newspapers, weekly or monthly magazines of general or special interest and news websites. Press publications contain mostly literary works but increasingly include other types of works and subject-matter, notably photographs and videos. Periodical publications published for scientific or academic purposes, such as scientific journals, should not be covered by the protection granted to press publications under this Directive. This protection does not extend to acts of hyperlinking when they do not constitute communication to the public.

The rights granted to the publishers of press publications under this Directive should have the same scope as the rights of reproduction and making available to the public provided for in Directive 2001/29/EC, insofar as digital uses are concerned. They should also be subject to the same provisions on exceptions and limitations as those applicable to the rights provided for in Directive 2001/29/EC including the exception on quotation for purposes such as criticism or review laid down in Article 5(3)(d) of that Directive.

The protection granted to publishers of press publications under this Directive should not affect the rights of the authors and other rightholders in the works and other subject-matter incorporated therein, including as regards the extent to which authors and other rightholders can exploit their works or other subject-matter independently from the press publication in which they are incorporated.

Therefore, publishers of press publications should not be able to invoke the protection granted to them against authors and other rightholders or against other authorised users of the same works and other subject-matter. This is without prejudice to contractual arrangements concluded between the publishers of press publications, on the one side, and authors and other rightholders, on the other side.

Member States shall provide publishers of press publications with the rights provided for in Article 2 and Article 3(2) of Directive 2001/29/EC for the digital use of their press publications. These rights shall also apply in respect of extracts of a press publication provided that the extracts are the expression of the intellectual creation of their authors. When an author or a rightholder has concluded licences with different persons in respect of a work or other subject-matter incorporated in a press publication, these rights may not be invoked to prohibit the use by other authorized users of such a work or other subject-matter.

These rights may not be invoked to prohibit the use of works or other subject-matter that are in the public domain. These rights shall expire 20 years after the publication of the press publication. This term shall be calculated from the first day of January of the year following the date of publication.