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Month: October 2019

Third edition of USA copyright office compendium – choreographic works

The Copyright Act recognizes choreography as a distinct category of copyrightable authorship. The statute does not define the term “choreographic works.” However, the legislative history states that this term has a “fairly settled meaning.” The word “choreography” is derived from the Greek words “choreia,” meaning “dance,” and “graphikos,” meaning “to write.” A dance is the “static and kinetic succession of bodily movement in certain rhythmic and spatial relationships.”

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First fine for fake news under Russian law

First time in Russian legal history the Russian magistrate court has imposed fine on Russian media resource under the Russian law on fake news. The magistrate court has imposed 200 thousand Roubles fine on internet resource and 60 thousand Roubles on chief editor of this resource for dissemination of fake news under Russian administrative code.

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It is better to fine rather than block web-sites, believes RKN

The history with Telegramm shows that Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor is not able to shut down services blocked under Russian court orders. Moreover, many officials from Russian government and authorities use Telegramm and even sometimes organize a bidding for research of social activity in Telegramm’s community. It is not good for reputation when almost all internet users tell jokes and make memes on RKN’s ability to execute will in relation to restriction of access to internet resources.

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First time the Russian court has seized intellectual property

The Russian district court has seized the object of intellectual property almost first time in Russian legal history within the frames of criminal case. The investigators from Russian Federal Security service have filed motion to size property, including software developed by the indicted person. The investigators believe if the seizure of property can be applied in the case, the software is to be also arrested.

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Copyright in technical report

Can technical report be protected by copyright? For example the Russian courts believe it can be. But unlike the USA or UK copyright law system for the Russian copyright system it was important the presence of creativity rather then originality. So, under the Russian copyright law it was necessary for the subject matter to be created with creativity, the originality was not so important for protection by copyright.

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Whether the work is made for hire if the letter agreement was executed after creation?

Over the course of 55 years, Stanley Kauffmann, who was never employed by TNR, contributed numerous film reviews and other articles to The New Republic magazine. During that time, Kauffmann and TNR took some actions consistent with an understanding that Kauffmann was the author of, and owned the copyrights in, his articles. For example, Kauffmann granted many third‐party licenses to republish his TNR articles without objection from TNR.

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