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It is better to fine rather than block web-sites, believes RKN

The history with Telegramm shows that Russian internet watchdog Roskomnadzor is not able to shut down services blocked under Russian court orders. Moreover, many officials from Russian government and authorities use Telegramm and even sometimes organize a bidding for research of social activity in Telegramm’s community. It is not good for reputation when almost all internet users tell jokes and make memes on RKN’s ability to execute will in relation to restriction of access to internet resources.

Therefore the Russian authorities decided to change its tactics. If it is not possible to properly restrict access to internet web-site, online service or in general to cut any communication it is much easier to impose a monetary fine on guilty person. The chief of Roskomnadzor publicly stated that the tactics would be changed. The new law, “providing serious fines”, is to be considered in near future. If the person does not comply with Russians law, such person could face huge monetary punishment instead of restriction of access to resource in question.

So the Russian authorities have decided to bankrupt those who don’t execute their directives or requirements.

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