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Russian right holders found new way to block pirate websites

In order to block website infringing someone’s copyright it is necessary to file suit and require preliminary measures. i.e. blocking access to illegal content. It can be page or entire site if it is not possible to block single page apart from entire site. Filing a suit takes a time. But if web-site infringes other law you can notify relevant authorities thereof.

Right holders decided to save their time and resources and to block web-sites not only for copyright infringement but also for advertisement of gambling – online casino. Most pirate web-sites show advertisements of online casino; right holders notify Roskomnadzor that certain web-site shows advertisement of online casino in violation of the law. Russian federal tax services verify information and in case if it is confirmed, the pirate website is to be blocked.

Right holders like it. They don’t need to go to the court. The pioneers in such practice are members of association “Internet Video”, representing online cinemas, Megogo, TVZavr, Amediateka and TV1000Play. They have blocked several websites thanks to illegal advertisement.

After Roskomnadzor receives claim it notifies web-site that it is prohibited to advertise gambling. If website responds and deletes advertisement Roskomnadzor does not block it, but if website does not respond Roskomnadzor require hosting company to block website. If after that there is not reaction at all, Roskomnadzor puts website in black list, and it will be blocked in Russia.

One hosting company explained how they work with such web-sites. Usually after receiving of notification, company tries to contact with websites’ owner. They require eliminating of violation. If it did not happen, company blocks such web resource under user agreement.

Actually some experts believe such way to fight piracy is cheaper than blocking under copyright law. In order to block website for copyright infringement it is necessary 6-12 thousands roubles, the duty for court proceeding is 6 thousands roubles. It is just for one trial. If after blocking of one website there appears another with the same illegal content, the right holder must do the same from the beginning.