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Russian state duma intends to teach Yandex aggregating news

It is well known that some occurrences can be very prominent and trigger a lot of public attention. Newspapers have a little time to write news and to publish them in order to attract people to their web-sites in order to get traffic, sell ads etc. Even this note is an indirect consequence of such prominent occurrence, but relax it is published without intention to sell ads. So for the convenience of internet users there are providers who aggregate news by the certain topic, theme or any other category.

In Russia there is news aggregator Yandex.News. This aggregator works only with accredited mass media, it means in order to get in to the Yandex.News the mass media should be registered under Russian law. Yandex.News works such way only thanks to Russian law aiming to fight with fake news. The laws suppose that the accredited or registered mass media would not publish incorrect information or would not lie to their readers. The Yandex.News aggregate news automatically, there is special algorithms helping search engine to categorize news.

So, there was some initiative from the Russian deputies concerning the old cars. It does not matter what the nature and details of such initiative was. The matter is that many newspapers, news web-sites have published news about this initiative and did not check all details (according to deputies). The Yandex.News aggregated news and brought them out to Yandex.News’s page. The main common title of news was reading that Russian deputies propose to forbid all cars. Certainly many people don’t like it. The many questions have arisen and the deputies should answer them.

Anyway, after all, when the initiative concerning old cars has been cleared, the deputies expressed their interest to Yandex.News and how it works. They were dissatisfied by the fact that the incorrect news still was on top even when the initiative has been clarified. The deputies believed that it could be made in order to increase the political situation in country. But they also made a reservation that if it is not so, the deputies hope that they (very likely newspapers) will immediately correct news titles. But if newspapers are “guilty” and published this news, why Yandex.News, who automatically aggregated this news, should bear responsibility the deputies did not answer.

Anyway, “thanks to” incorrect news, published by the news resources, the deputies intend to meet with representatives of news aggregators in Russia and “ask them why they do so”. It seems the Russian deputies don’t know how the news aggregators work. Perhaps first of all, if the meeting would take a place, the news aggregators should explain how they work again, despite the fact that there is a law on news aggregators adopted by the deputies of Russian state duma (it means the deputies have to understand what they regulate and how they regulate it). Besides they should know how mass media work and operate.

When the deputies expressed their intention to meet with representatives of news aggregators, the rumors got out that the Yandex intends to shut down its news aggregation service. Yandex refuted these rumors. Additionally Yandex made clear that it is not going to edit any news or its title it aggregates. Besides, according to the news law the news aggregator is not responsible for the content published by the news resource operating in Russia and licensed under Russian law by the relevant Russian state authority. In other words the deputies should punish the source of fake news (in the case of news on initiative with old cars it was state news agency).

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