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What services fall under Russian law on news-aggregators?

Russian Roskomnadzor has sent to administrations of news aggregators the notification to provide information concerning daily visitors of resource. Google News, Yandex news, Mail News, Rambler News and Microsoft have already received it. After examination of information news-aggregators must provide also information identifying the owners of news-aggregator.

Roskomnadzor must check all information concerning daily visitors and decide whether resource in question is to be included in register of news aggregators. State authority has even made short presentation explaining provisions of new law on news-aggregators operating in Russia and issued rules how to count a quantity of visitors per single day.

In order to count how many users visit certain resource Roskomnadzor uses information provided by the news aggregator, information provided by open data bases, like Alexa, or internet counters and its own facilities, like computers or software. If news aggregator was included in registry it must comply with current Russian law.