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It was proposed to block certain users of messengers in Russia

Russian legislators during consideration of the draft law, regulating the work of messengers in Russia, in second reading have proposed to block certain users in messengers under court order.

But it is not all. One deputy of Russian state duma Oleg Nikolaev explained that, it is intended to propose blocking of certain users without court order. If user of messenger receives message from other user and this message can be qualified as “a spam proposing illegal services”, there are considered “few options”. One of these options is blocking of users and filing complaint in relation to blocked user and the messenger should handle complaint.

But the chief of the committee on informational policy, informational technologies and communication at the Russian state duma Leonid Levin believes “the statement, attributed to Nikolaev, that the law on messengers provides blocking or prohibition of certain users if they violate the law, most likely, is a result of misunderstanding”. Levin explained that proposed regulation provides sanctions only for messengers if they contribute to violation of law. “No penalties or direct interdicts are planned in relation to users”, – he stated.