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Russian accredited collecting societies might be required to take lesser commission

Russian state would limit commission taken by accredited by state collective management organisation from royalties collected under compulsory licencing regime. There is no details how it should be done, but the common idea it clear – accredited by state CMO will make on right holders lesser monies than earlier.

This idea has been declared by deputy of law department of Russian Ministry of culture Ksenya Miryasova. It would be prescribed maximum share from collected by CMO royalties as commission taken by CMO. Currently it is intended to limit commission to 35-40% from all collected royalties. But CEO of the All Russian intellectual property organisation (VOIS), collecting royalties for public performance right in sound recordings under state accreditation for all worldwide repertoire, believes such idea is little outdated. He stated that the era, when CMO taken “too much on top”, has passed long time ago.