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It seems atmosphere surrounding Russian authors’ society is getting worst

Roman Abramov, the president of Federation of Intellectual Property, stated about threats to his address in connection with “RAO case”. Chairman of this federation is famous director Nikita Mihalkov, he is also president of the council of Russian Union of Right holders collecting private copying levy in Russia under state accreditation.

Abramov stated he had had a personal meeting with producer Filipp Rossa. According to Abramov’s statement, Filipp on behalf of Vera Fedotova, first deputy of RAO’s (Russian authors society) CEO Sergey Fedotov, required to “inform” Mihalkov that he must to release Fedotov from jail and criminal responsibility otherwise it will be published a great volume of compromising material about management of RSP (Russian Union of Right holder) and VOIS (All Russian organisation of intellectual property). What Abramov has done? First of all he has referred recorded conversation with Filipp to enforcement authorities.

Mihalkov did not keep a silence. He stated about “gunpowder of tough 90th” surrounding Fedotov’s case. “It was amazing to read Abramov’s statement. This statement smells of “gunpowder of tough 90th”, I thought they have sunk to oblivion. At that time all problems had been solved “under meanings” and you could get everything from anyone using blackmail, violence and intimidation.” – he said through his representative. Filipp Rosa endeavored to meet with Mihalkov personally, but without success. “Mister Rossa actually tried to appoint a personal meeting with me in order to discuss twosome some very important issue, but he intentionally refused to mention what exactly he wanted to discuss.”

“I can tell you for sure, mister Rossa is confused with time of action, place of action and personalities. Such people, who know me personally, can confirm, I hope, that the way mister Rossa has chosen is very short and very rapid way to be directed to far and forever. And it does not matter, who exactly would send such “messenger”. All those, who will try to get anything from me by way of blackmail and threats, must be aware: whoever they are, my answer and my actions will be explicit and same. And believe me, I don’t know what a good friend I am, only my comrades can judge about, but I am a great foe.” – underlined Mihalkov.

Russian authors society has reacted promptly. “Filipp Rossa is not employee of RAO and is not authorised to make any statements in the name of RAO’s management” – stated adviser of Sergey Fedotov, CEO of RAO. RAO has nothing in common with any threats to address of Nikita Mihalkov and Andery Krichevsky. Filipp Rossa denied all threats. “Threats are lie or words misinterpreted by my interlocutor. I would not be wondered, if after that, all this situation was set up. I never worked as RAO employee as well as employee of its competitors. I represent interests of artists in the field of copyright. Acting as right holder and it is very important for me that authors’ interests are safe in context of tense situation around copyright and organisations connected with it. This meeting was my personal initiative in order to make clear that all mutual accusations and attacks jeopardise sphere where tens of thousands of creators exist.” “Context of my words has been misrepresented. I don’t understand why it was done. I deeply respect Mihalkov. Perhaps, as using the right of superior, he could mediate informational conflict. Due to this situation it is very hard to work in “author’s space” and as this case has shown – is not safe!” – stated Filipp Rossa.